adj. Really really fat. So that to a man that is meatefyed in flesh, and whose state (in this world) is desperate, a Sergiant may serue instead of a Deaths … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. One who is afraid of the Irish. It was long enough to demonstrate even to Protestant Hibernophobes that his system was the right one. Temple Bar Magazine (1889) It … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Rendering impossible. Sovereigns and their courtiers were flattered by the degradation of nature and the impossibilification of a pretended virtue. Literary Remains, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1818) The addition of … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Offal-eating. (One who eat the edible parts which are cut off in preparing the carcass of an animal for food) In a Dog, and other offivorous Quadrupeds, ’tis very … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To have a sensation as if a creepy-crawly was crawly-creepy all over you. There is not a part of me that has not..crept, crawled, and forficulated ever since. The … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Of or belonging to surpassing depth or profundity. Sink down into the Hyperbyssal, Supersensual, Unsearchable, Eternal One. Behmen’s theosophick philosophy unfolded, Edward Taylor (1691) How the heck am I … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To extract with a forceps. Wrapped up in the womb of this or that text of Scripture to be exforcipated by the logico-obstetric skill of High Church doctors. Literary … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. That makes money in any possible way. Those quomodocunquizing clusterfists and rapacious varlets. The discovery of a most exquisite jewel, Sir Thomas Urquhart (1652) There’s a ten dollar word, if ever … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. The condition of having short legs. … a distressing pathological condition in which the thighs are suppressed and the buttocks spring directly from behind the knees, aptly described in … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Risqué, indecent; also bizarre, unusual. I can no longer endure this ostrobogulatory behaviour. Ostrobogulous Pigs, A. Graves (1952) Ostrobogulatory is derived from ostrobogulous, a word attributed to Victor Benjamin … Continue Reading ⇒