verb. To extract with a forceps.

Wrapped up in the womb of this or that text of Scripture to be exforcipated by the logico-obstetric skill of High Church doctors.
Literary remains, Samuel T. Coleridge (1838)

The example above uses the word in a figurative sense, just as most other users of this word should do… unless you have some forceps handy. Do you have some forceps handy?

Besides having a great mouthfeel to it, exforcipate has a wonderful definition. I foresee it becoming very useful. I also foresee the Sun setting tonight, the Sun rising tomorrow morning, more jokes about Paris Hilton, bad movies coming out of Hollywood, and the world coming to an endoscope!

Don’t try to exforcipate any meaning out of that last sentence. You’ll be wasting your time; just like trying to exforcipate meaning from the speeches of the politicians you see on TV (The politicians you don’t see on TV don’t make much sense either).

Hm, maybe I should go into politics.