adj. Of or belonging to surpassing depth or profundity.

Sink down into the Hyperbyssal, Supersensual, Unsearchable, Eternal One.
Behmen’s theosophick philosophy unfolded, Edward Taylor (1691)

How the heck am I supposed to talk about a word that means “beyond profound”? I’m not profound. I’m not even just plain ol’ found. Confound, maybe. What’s beyond profound? Postfound? Superfound?

Anything else I can say has be lost to the hyperbyss of space. Maybe we can use hyperbyssal to refer to space. Space is pretty profound; hard to wrap your brain around anyway. If space is infinite, that means there’s a parallel universe somewhere with a parallel me writing this blog… but he is profound. He makes meΒ hyperbysmal in comparison.

Even thought I can’t be profound about it, hyperbyssal is a pretty rockin’ word. Not to be confused with hypabyssal; that’s a kind of rock.