verb. To have a sensation as if a creepy-crawly was crawly-creepy all over you.

There is not a part of me that has not..crept, crawled, and forficulated ever since.
The Caxtons, a family picture, Edward Lytton (1849)

Ew, bugs. I hate bugs. But I love the word. The word comes from the name of the insect, Forficula auricularia, commonly know as an Earwig.

I often have forficulating experiences. Sometimes a hair will find its way into my face or elsewhere and I will immediately freak out, thinking that vile bug-creature has paid me a visit. False alarm. I am forfic-elated that it was not a real bug.

But sometimes a real bug decides to come my way. It looks at me with its eight eyes for just a moment before I kick its eight asses.

I have a black belt in Kung Shoo Fly.