adj. Offal-eating. (One who eat the edible parts which are cut off in preparing the carcass of an animal for food)

In a Dog, and other offivorous Quadrupeds, ’tis very large.
Physico-theology, William Derham (1713)

Someone who only gets the scraps that no one else wants is offivorous. It’s not great to only get scraps. I don’t want the shavings, I want the meat! Not some awful falafel offal … give me a hamburger! NOW!

Sorry, I haven’t been eating a great variety lately. It’s been a while since my last hamburger. My local Subway doesn’t — thankfully — give me scraps of meat, so I’m not offivorous.

Not everyone Β is offivorous by choice, of course. Some dogs are offivorous. The ugly twin that lives in the attic and eats mostly fish heads is offivorous. The passengers sitting at the back of an airplane after all the good meals have been taken are offivorous.

Who else might be anΒ offivore?