I spend my time making things and learning. Movies, websites, businesses, writing… here’s stuff I’ve made.

🎥 Film + Video

  • Burgled – The perfect kung fu movie date is nearly ruined when a Burglar steals the TV. A kung fu action comedy!
  • The Commitment – A crew preps for a jewel heist in LA. Directed by me
  • The Hunt on Bar-Neth – A short Star Wars fanfilm with an epic lightsaber fight. I’m a Jedi!
  • Good Morning – A skit set to music. Based on true events
  • 2 Bedrooms 1 Bath – Webseries (in the works). Sort of a modern day “Odd Couple”

📚 Books + Guides

  • Mental Health Toolkit – Simple self care. The go to guide for mental health first aid
  • Awesome Blog Challenge – A challenge to publish & promote 30 pieces of content in 30 days, on a blog you own.
  • productivity guide that needs a clever title – (in progress) I’m a productivity geek. Systems, lists, project management. Everything I know to get things done will be in this guide

💻 Apps + Tools

  • Breathe – The world’s simplest mindfulness web-app
  • BananaChain – A Chrome extension that replaces banana with banana

🚀 Business/Service

  • Speedy Strategy Consulting – Your personal marketing GPS. I can’t drive your business for you, but I can help define where you are, where you want to go, and give you a plan to get there. Highways and toll roads optional. (I do marketing strategy consulting for cool companies)