I spend my time making things and learning. Here’s stuff I’ve made…

🎥 Films

The Flower of Battle

Short Film | Actor, Writer, Director

A Swashbuckling Comedy about a great swordsman who’s not altogether sharp


Short Film | Actor, Writer, Director

The perfect kung fu movie night is ruined when a Burglar steals the TV

The Hunt on Bar-Neth

Short Film | Actor, Producer

A Star Wars fan film, set during the Great Jedi Purge

The Commitment

Short Film | Director

Four thieves prepare for a jewel heist in downtown Los Angeles

📚 Resources


Online Academy | Co-founder

The premier online career guide to become a professional actor

News Site | Founder & Managing Editor

Articles for learning Editing/Color/VFX/Sound with DaVinci Resolve

Mental Health Toolkit

Resource Guide | Creator

A simple list for mental health tools, when you need it

  • Awesome Blog Challenge – An epic quest to publish & promote an original piece of content every day for 30 days

🚀 Businesses


Production Company | Producer

My production company / entertainment micro studio

Mask & Feather

Post Production Services | Colorist

Color grading & video retouching for independent filmmakers

Speedy Strategy

Marketing Services | Consultant

SEO + Content Marketing for businesses that have a strong mission… and a blog.


Templates | Designer

Website Templates for Creative Professionals

💻 Tech


Chrome Add-On | Developer

A free Chrome browser extension that replaces blockchain with banana

Chuck Norris Facts

WordPress Plugin | Developer

A free WordPress plugin that adds Chuck Norris Facts to the WP Admin

  • Breathe – The world’s simplest mindfulness web app
  • Todo – A super simple todo list web app