I spend my time making things and learning. Here’s stuff I’ve made…

🎥 Entertainment

  • Burgled – The perfect kung fu movie date is nearly ruined when a Burglar steals the TV. A kung fu action comedy!
  • The Commitment – A crew preps for a jewel heist in LA, directed by me (shown at New York Shorts International Film Festival)
  • The Hunt on Bar-Neth – A short Star Wars fanfilm with an epic lightsaber fight I’m a Jedi!
  • Good Morning – A skit set to music, based on true events.
  • A Brief Performance – A variety act where I do whatever I gotta do to entertain
  • 2 Bedrooms 1 Bath – Webseries (in the works). A modern-day “Odd Couple”

📚 Education

💻 Tech

  • Breathe – The world’s simplest mindfulness web app
  • Todo – A super simple todo list web app
  • BananaChain – A Chrome extension that replaces blockchain with banana
  • Chuck Norris Facts – A WordPress plugin that adds Chuck Norris Facts to the WP Admin.

🚀 Hire Me

  • Speedy Strategy – I turn small blogs into big blogs (I do content marketing strategy consulting for cool companies)