verb. TO SMASHTICATE Nay, if you be no better in the Reare then in the Van I shall make no doubt to vanquish, and vanquash you, too, before we part. … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To have a sensation as if a creepy-crawly was crawly-creepy all over you. There is not a part of me that has not..crept, crawled, and forficulated ever since. The … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To extract with a forceps. Wrapped up in the womb of this or that text of Scripture to be exforcipated by the logico-obstetric skill of High Church doctors. Literary … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. Flabbergast, or perhaps Verklempt. I lay like a log, Quite flabber-de-gasky’d, as sick as a dog! New Monthly Magazine (1822) No, the OED didn’t use Verklempt in their definition. … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To live in a remote, rural, or provincial place. Bankrupt scholars, whose parents had been mofussilising in an inordinate degree. Qualk The Circumnavigator, George Augustus Sala (1863) Here’s a word … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To puff up, to swell. The inflamed gout of polemical controversy..had gumfiated every mental joint and member of that zealous prop of the Relief Kirk. The Ayrshire legatees, John … Continue Reading ⇒


verb.  To take part in a boozing party, to booze. Never boozify a second time with the man whom you have seen misbehave himself in his cups. Blackwood’s Magazine (1824) … Continue Reading ⇒