verb. Flabbergast, or perhaps Verklempt.

I lay like a log, Quite flabber-de-gasky’d, as sick as a dog!
New Monthly Magazine (1822)

No, the OED didn’t use Verklempt in their definition. I wish they had. English words are much funnier when they can only be defined in Yiddish. Nu?

This is the type of word that I would be proud to use while sober. Drunk people, like this writer for New Monthly Magazine, have an endlessly entertaining vocabulary.

Flabberdegasky is probably the next step after flabbergast. Coming home to find that your stereo was stolen is flabbergasting. But coming home to find that the entire place has been swept, dusted, vacuumed, and cleaned is flabberdegasky, flabberdegaskifying, and flabberdegaskificatory!