verb. Β To take part in a boozing party, to booze.

Never boozify a second time with the man whom you have seen misbehave himself in his cups.
Blackwood’s Magazine (1824)

What a fun intransitive verb! And useful too. Use of this and related words would help solve the ambiguity of the word drink. Drink refers to both all beverage as well as those that contain alcohol. And used as a verb, to drink means to ingest a beverage, as in “to drink a glass of water,” but also the alcoholic version “to drink an Irish car bomb.”

I submit that we should separate the two meanings. To go out drinking is now to boozify. There’s a word for it, let’s use it! Perhaps we change drinking [alcohol] to boozification. Next time you go to Las Vegas for a wild time you can call it a boozification vacation. If it’s too wild the janitors will be doing some swabification.

Maybe we can’t change or separate the meanings but I can dream, can’t I? It would sure make some interactions easier.

“Do you drink?”
“Everyone drinks. Otherwise we’d die.”
“Shut up.”

That must be why I don’t boozify too often.