verb. To live in a remote, rural, or provincial place.

Bankrupt scholars, whose parents had been mofussilising in an inordinate degree.
Qualk The Circumnavigator, George Augustusย Sala (1863)

Here’s a word I’d never heard before. Mofussil is an Anglo-Indian word that refers to a rural part of India. Whew knew? I obviously haven’t spent enough time fossicking through my dictionaries.

My research shows that these parts of the country were so called because there was alway’s mo’ fussin’ going on. By research I mean imagination. My teachers never liked my research papers for that reason.

I have never mofussilized but I have traveled to mofussilitory areas, becoming a temporary mofussilizer. Have you traveled to or lived in a mofussil? If so, how did you survive without internet?