adj. Blameless [the Church] shold be holi and without blemish, or rather Amomous..that is irreprehensible, safeguarded from the bitings of Momus, one of the feined Gods among the Gentils. Theologica … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Being half in jest, half serious. Our own poet has lately characterized himself as a jocoserious genius; and in fact this jocoseriosity seems of much the same quality with the … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To extract with a forceps. Wrapped up in the womb of this or that text of Scripture to be exforcipated by the logico-obstetric skill of High Church doctors. Literary … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Rich in story. This is..Some lone land of genii days, Storyful and golden! Poems, The Lovely Land, James Clarence Mangan (1846) I’m flabbergasted that this word hasn’t had more of … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Hazily confused. The altogether nebulochaotic condition of her mind. Mary Marston, George Macdonald (1881) I don’t think the OED definition above does justice to the potential of this word. … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Of, pertaining to, or having shapely buttocks. /ˌkæləˈpɪdʒiən/ Callipygæ and women largely composed behinde. Pseudodoxia epidemica, Sir Thomas Brown (1646) Because a shapely posterior deserves a word just as … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. A mad extravagance such as Caligula comitted. Alas! it would be endless to tell you all his Caligulisms. Letters to Sir Horace Mann, Horace Walpole (1745) Caligula was a … Continue Reading ⇒


Verb. To annoy, irrititate. There’s nothing niggles me more than cutting myself shaving. – A Kind of Loving, Stan Barstow (1960) The word has had many different meanings over the … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Female babbler. O you cockatrices and you bablatrices, that in the woods dwell: You briers and brambles, you cook’s shops and shambles, come howl and yell. – Locrine (1595) The … Continue Reading ⇒


Verb. Schedule. Also common is past tense: skedded. MPTF protest rally skedded for monday. – Deadline Hollywood Daily This word caught me off-guard when I first read it. I had never … Continue Reading ⇒