adj. Rich in story.

This is..Some lone land of genii days, Storyful and golden!
Poems, The Lovely Land, James Clarence Manganย (1846)

I’m flabbergasted that this word hasn’t had more of a life to it. It turned up surprisingly few results on Google. Of all the words I’ve posted thus far, this might be the most usable. The meaning is undeniably apparent.

It’s not every that funny or silly of a word. Have I run out of them? Of course not. This word just appealed to me because it’s so user-friendly. The OED can say it’s a nonce word, I will tag it as such, but from now on it’s will be resurrected as a flavoriferous word to describe a really juicy tale.

Movies that have a great plot are storyful, your last family vacation is storyful, last night was probably storyful — I wish I could remember it.

Go out into the wild and tell your storyful stories!ย And if the squirrels aren’t interested go back to civilization and tell your storyful stories!

Oh boy have I got some storyful gossip for you. Did you hear about so-and-so doing such-and-such? Gross, right!?