adj. Hazily confused.

The altogether nebulochaotic condition of her mind.
Mary Marston, George Macdonald (1881)

I don’t think the OED definition above does justice to the potential of this word. We have ‘nebulo’ as in ‘nebulous,’ meaning hazy, foggy, cloudy, and ‘chaotic’ which you already know. That’s what your morning is like when you hit snooze a few too many times — also known as “pandemornium.”

So the two parts together suggest to me, “Cloudy chaos.” That’s not just hazily confused, that’s trying to play ping-pong in a tornado. The “altogether nebulochaotic condition of her mind” must have been very dangerous for all those around her.

Next time you’re having a nebulochaotic moment, remember: don’t blame me for it.