Verb. Schedule. Also common is past tense:ย skedded.

MPTF protest rally skedded for monday.
Deadline Hollywood Daily

This word caught me off-guard when I first read it. I had never seen it before and yet I knew exactly what it meant. In context, it’s very clearly understood.

I use the word schedule often because I have a very large planner and stick to it, but it does seem to be a cumbersome word at times, doesn’t it? It sticks in your mouth like a spoonful of peanut butter.ย On the other hand, skedded comes out very easily. A more utilitarian word than scheduled.ย 

Apparently sked andย skeddedย have been around for a couple years, usage seems to be mostly concentrated on news blogs, magazine sites, and other informative online sources. If you see it in print be sure to point it out to me. The word is so easy to use I think it is here to stay.