The Eloquent Shakespeare

A Pronouncing Dictionary for the Complete Dramatic Works with Notes to Untie the Modern Tongue by Gary Logan Have you ever read one on Shakespeare’s works and not known how … Continue Reading ⇒

Mastering Shakespeare

by Scott Kaiser What is it that British actors have over American actors that aides in performing Shakespeare? Scott Kaiser raises this question in the introduction. Many American student actors … Continue Reading ⇒


Perhaps you’ve heard of a brand new magazine called ShakespeareScene. If you haven’t, their website describes the periodical as, “The twice yearly publication aims to provide a stimulating mix of … Continue Reading ⇒

My Rocket Book

I received an email today which kindly informed me of a really cool educational resource. It’s called What’s a rocketbook? The website says it best: Rocketbooks are video study … Continue Reading ⇒