The man himself turns 444 today. Can you imagine that? He’s been around for a long time and is still very much alive in books, theaters, and our hearts. Go Shakey! I lift my glass of juice to 444 more years of fame!

I can’t say that I threw a party today, but just some little things. I could’ve gone out to celebrate if I wasn’t at work but that’s okay. I did write “HAPPY 444th BIRTHDAY SHAKESPEARE” on a very prominent Chalkboard that people use to send messages.

I also was asked to do a review of a book on Shakespeare to post on Dust Jacket Review, an online book community. I chose to do a review of Isaac Asimov’s Guide To Shakespeare, one of my favorite books about Shakespeare. I may transfer the review here at some point, but for now check it out there! And then buy the book because [to sum up my conclusion in the review briefly:] it’s awesome.

Keep celebrating Shakespeare! Don’t drink too much sack. And celebrate St. George’s day, of course. How coincidental that the day of England’s Patron Saint is also Shakespeare’s birthday… and deathday. Very patriotic of old Bill Shakes. So how are you celebrating?

Don’t forget that the next Shakespeare Blog Carnival is coming up! Remember to submit your post.