Perhaps you’ve heard of a brand new magazine called ShakespeareScene. If you haven’t, their website describes the periodical as, “The twice yearly publication aims to provide a stimulating mix of topics on Shakespeare, his work and times, together with a comprehensive international listing of what, where & when plays & events are being held. Shakespeare Scene takes you exclusively to the heart of Shakespeare.”

There are a few Shakespeare journals published aimed at scholars and advanced students. There are other bulletins published for various other Shakespeare related organizations. This magazine seems to have been created to fill whatever demand there is for a magazine about Shakespeare performances, media, discoveries, etc. available to any Shakespeare-enthusiast. I happen to be subscribed to all the types of publications I mentioned above, including ShakespeareScene. I thought that one more couldn’t hurt. My curiosity was piqued when I first read about this new magazine.

The first issue recently found its way into my mailbox and subsequently into my hands. Any brand new resource starts on rocky ground as far as getting a subscriber base and generating enough interest to keep up production. And as much as I hate to say it, Shakespeare isn’t the most popular subject out there.

I’ve almost finished reading this issue. There are some interesting articles on various subjects: Shakespeare taught in Brazil, Examining Henry V and justifying war, as well resources on Shakespeare performances… they include a list of theatres showing Shakespeare all over the world! There’s also a fair share of not so interesting (in my humble opinion) sections. There are mistakes in the printing here and there, the layout needs some work, and I do like a magazine with lots of pictures. The magazine has its share of faults, but it’s a first issue! It could be the start of something really good. If the team of ShakespeareScene is reading this: keep it up! You’ve got a good thing going.

And if you are considering subscribing, it couldn’t hurt to try it for a couple issues right? For the casual Shakespearean fan, you can pick and choose from what’s online if you don’t want to spend the money OR you can forget the internet and have the info mailed right to you. If you’re a die-hard Bardolater like me, check it out. You might find something you like.