noun. Coolness; adj. Cool and crisp By Cold, and by a kinde of Frescour (as we now-a-days speak). Bacon’s Life & D. (1627) OED says noun, but there are some … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Really really fat. So that to a man that is meatefyed in flesh, and whose state (in this world) is desperate, a Sergiant may serue instead of a Deaths … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Offal-eating. (One who eat the edible parts which are cut off in preparing the carcass of an animal for food) In a Dog, and other offivorous Quadrupeds, ’tis very … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Onion-eater. The ogre was cepivorous. McNunter the Ogre Hunter, Nom D. Plume (2009) I couldn’t find a real citation. I didn’t look to hard either. If you use this … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Fatty; causing fatness. The pinguiferous slice from the salted swine. Tait’s Magazine (1855) If you had told me before that McDonald’s food was pinguiferous, I totally would’ve avoided it. … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. A small loaf. Crisp home-made loaflets. Beauchamp’s career, George Meredithย (1876) The best thing since sliced bread: smaller sliced bread! It’s like regular bread, but cuter. Just saying a “loaf” … Continue Reading ⇒