adj. Onion-eater.

The ogre was cepivorous.
McNunter the Ogre Hunter, Nom D. Plume (2009)

I couldn’t find a real citation. I didn’t look to hard either. If you use this word in an article or blog post after reading this, I’d be glad to feature it here in exchange for a Pop-Tart.

This word can also be spelled cepevorous. The Oxford English Dictionary spells it as it is in the title, and most other dictionaries use the other spelling. The OED spelling is appealing-er to my eye, so I’ll continue to use it.

Whether it’s spelled with an I or and E, don’t let that stinky cepivore near me. Β This cepivorous fellow should have curiously strong mint to help with hiser halitosis.

To such a one — if such there be — do you bathe regularly? Are you out in public much? Have you tried Pop-Tarts? If you answered no any of those questions, please reconsider your lifestyle. As tasty as onion are in certain dishes, they cannot provide you with the nutrition your body requires. They also make you stink. So please, on behalf of everyone, take a bath and change your diet. I highly recommend Pop-Tarts.