noun. Coolness; adj. Cool and crisp By Cold, and by a kinde of Frescour (as we now-a-days speak). Bacon’s Life & D. (1627) OED says noun, but there are some … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Air travel by hot-air-balloon. A sort of meditation on future airgonation, supposing that it will not only be perfected, but will depose navigation. Letters, Horace Walpole (1784) One who … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Body. He had an handsome man-case, and better it had been empty with weakness, than (as it was) ill-fitted with viciousness.The church-history of Britain, Thomas Fuller (1655) Hey there … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. One who is afraid of the Irish. It was long enough to demonstrate even to Protestant Hibernophobes that his system was the right one. Temple Bar Magazine (1889) It … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Rendering impossible. Sovereigns and their courtiers were flattered by the degradation of nature and the impossibilification of a pretended virtue. Literary Remains, Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1818) The addition of … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. The condition of having short legs. … a distressing pathological condition in which the thighs are suppressed and the buttocks spring directly from behind the knees, aptly described in … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Mopping Here a large puff and blow, and a swabification of the white handkerchief, while the congregation blow a flourish of trumpets. Tom Cringle’s log, Michael Scott (1833) My … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. The state of having an ache. O, the Pope could dispense with his Cardinalate, and his achage, and his breakage. Queen Mary, Lord Alfred Tennyson (1878) My stomache, dude, … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. One who has scientific knowledge of lice. Mineralogists, astronomers, ornithologists, and lousologists. A memoir by Lady Holland, Sydney Smith (1835) Of all the disrespected professions, lousologists are at the top … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. One who loves law. His Bishop [Bp. Wren], that great Thesmophilist. A discourse of proper sacrifice, Sir Edward Dering (1644) Who among you loves law? Or any laws in particular? … Continue Reading ⇒