adj. Bearing flavor, fragrant. With flavouriferous sweets shall chace away The pestilential fumes of vulgar cits. Canongate Playhouse, Robert Fergusson (1774) And if you’re of the American persuasion, you’d likely … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Hazily confused. The altogether nebulochaotic condition of her mind. Mary Marston, George Macdonald (1881) I don’t think the OED definition above does justice to the potential of this word. … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Shiny or Glittery Wood..Smooth, emicatious, free from knot or joint. The Vestriad, Hans Busk (1819) Are you easily distracted by emicatious objects? I sure am. Why, there’s one right over … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. A mad extravagance such as Caligula comitted. Alas! it would be endless to tell you all his Caligulisms. Letters to Sir Horace Mann, Horace Walpole (1745) Caligula was a … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. A braggart, bully. …that rogue, that foist, that fencing Burgullian? – Every Man In His Humor, Ben Jonson (1598) This word has a great sound to it. If you … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To make like a dunghill. These dreery, direfull dayes condunghill’d and uglified me into a darke dense lumpe. Discollimunium, B. (1650) When I first saw the definition I thought, … Continue Reading ⇒


Adj. Comprised of both good and evil. There may be an opposite fault; for indeed upon the agathokakological globe there are opposite qualities always to be found in parallel degrees, … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To be extremely hot (weather) It vesuviates. This sudden heat in the atmosphere has something to do with the eruption of the mountain which killed Pliny the Elder. The … Continue Reading ⇒


adj. Apricot-colored. The abricotine building stood out like a tree among elephants. – This Blog, Me (2009) I’m allowed to make up citations, right? Okay fine. It’s a nonce-word so … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Female babbler. O you cockatrices and you bablatrices, that in the woods dwell: You briers and brambles, you cook’s shops and shambles, come howl and yell. – Locrine (1595) The … Continue Reading ⇒