verb. To make like a dunghill.

These dreery, direfull dayes condunghill’d and uglified me into a darke dense lumpe.
Discollimunium, B. (1650)

When I first saw the definition I thought, “Make like a dunghill and ____ .” Stink? Rot? Stay put? What is it exactly that dunghills do? I can’t seem to make my own, clever, “make like a tree and leaf!” type statement with this word. If you can, please share.

Makes a nice metaphor, doesn’t it? I can’t think of too many literal uses of this word at the moment.

If I was speaking in front of a large crowd and passed gas, I’d be condunghilled. If I were on a date and spilled dinner and drinks all over myself and my date, she would condunghill me. If I used condunghill in a conversation where a scatalogical reference wasn’t appropriate… you guessed it: condunghilled.

Sounds like condunghilled might take the place of pwned! It’ll catch on because it has to do with poop. Just you wait.