adj. Apricot-colored.

The abricotine building stood out like a tree among elephants.
– This Blog, Me (2009)

I’m allowed to make up citations, right? Okay fine. It’s a nonce-word so you can have a real one.

Shone..apricots so ripe their kernels seem Gemmed amethysts,the rose abricotine, And one who wears a blond lace pelerine.
– Collected Poems, Edith Luisa Sitwell (1930)

Are you tired of being vague about the color descriptions you give? I sure am. Sometimes adding “-ish” just doesn’t cut it. “Red-ish” is so unspecific. Bright red? Dark red? Fresh-blood red? Dried-blood red? It can be a little on the brown side, orange-y, pink-ish, burgundy, or nearly purple.

Well now with abricotine you can describe anything very precisely that is the color of of an apricot! Now is it the yellow on an apricot, or maybe the kind that has the red on the side, or perhaps one that’s more bright orange…