WOTD: Gambol

Pronounced like what you might do at a casino, but not related. This is a popularly asked about word in Shakespeare. The meaning isn’t always obvious from the context and … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Younker

Back to a random selection, because it’s fun. younker (n.) IPA Pronunciation: 1. young man 2. greenhorn, juvenile RICHARD How well resembles it the prime of youth, Trimm’d like a … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Kecksie

Do you have any kecksies in your garden? It’s not a word, like the past few that you can use every day… but it’s good to know when you come … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Shog

This is definitely a word I’m going to start using on a day to day basis where applicable. With all these words of the day that I’m trying to use, … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Moiety

Here’s another word that’s fun to say. It tumbles out of the mouth like a barrel from a very small water fall. Maybe not, but it’s a nice visual. moiety … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Rivage

I’ve been having a great time using past words of the day in my daily speech, have you? Now’s a great time to start using new words! I have tried … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Hilding

Here’s a word I was asked to define today while in a rehearsal for a production Romeo and Juliet I am “voice/text coaching,” it’s also another word you can use … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Sith

Not as in Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the. Hm. If Darth Vader were a Shakespearean character, who would he be? I’ll get back to you on that one. Do … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Deceptious

The great part about Shakespeare’s language is that it contains certain uncommon words that are fun on the tongue. deceptious (adj.) IPA Pronunciation: deceptive, deceiving TROILUS As if those organs … Continue Reading ⇒