WOTD: Rivage

I’ve been having a great time using past words of the day in my daily speech, have you? Now’s a great time to start using new words! I have tried to work “yerk” into my conversations whenever possible. Shakespeare would be so proud! Here’s another to add to your mental index. Have at it, verbivores!

rivage (n.) IPA Pronunciation: rivage
a bank, shore, coast

… O, do but think
You stand upon the rivage and behold
A city on th’ inconstant billows dancing;
– Henry V (III.prologue)

I encourage you to use these new words. Now there’s no need to use weird or big words just to make you sound smart. That would be insegrevious of you, and you will be thought of as a quoob. Have you heard those before? They’re not Shakespeare, but still fun.

Pardon me, sir; I have heard the word.
– Henry IV, part 2 (III.ii)