adj. Producing cold. Data for determining the frigorific effect of the ice on the temperature of the Pole. An account of the artic regions, William Scoresby (1820) It’s summer right … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. A braggart, bully. …that rogue, that foist, that fencing Burgullian? – Every Man In His Humor, Ben Jonson (1598) This word has a great sound to it. If you … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To make like a dunghill. These dreery, direfull dayes condunghill’d and uglified me into a darke dense lumpe. Discollimunium, B. (1650) When I first saw the definition I thought, … Continue Reading ⇒

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Thanks for having me here. It’s been a short journey and I could have done it without any help. On Words and Upwards is open for business! Funny words, weird … Continue Reading ⇒