verb. To make like a dunghill. These dreery, direfull dayes condunghill’d and uglified me into a darke dense lumpe. Discollimunium, B. (1650) When I first saw the definition I thought, … Continue Reading ⇒


verb. To hit, strike, beat. Nine or ten times I had thought t’ have yerked him here under the ribs. – Iago, Othello (I.ii.5) – William Shakespeare Many references of … Continue Reading ⇒


noun. Female babbler. O you cockatrices and you bablatrices, that in the woods dwell: You briers and brambles, you cook’s shops and shambles,Β come howl and yell. – Locrine (1595) The … Continue Reading ⇒


Noun. A government ruled by the wind. From the Greek for wind, anemo. Β  Such is the miserable and precarious state of an anemocracy, of a people who put their … Continue Reading ⇒