WOTD: Mickle

Anything that rhymes with ‘pickle’ is worth mentioning. Especially in Shakespeare. mickle (adj.) IPA Pronunciation: /mIkl/ great, much, large DROMIO OF EPHESUS O villain! thou hast stolen both mine office … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Weal

This is the excerpt of your first post template…

WOTD: Beldam

This is the excerpt of your first post template…

WOTD: Giglot

It sounds like a laughing little pig. It’s a nice image, isn’t it? giglot IPA Pronunciation: (n.) harlot, strumpet, wanton ESCALUS Away with those giglots too, and with the other … Continue Reading ⇒


Wot! What? Wot’s on second. I know not is on third. wot (v.) IPA Pronunciation: learn, know, be told DEMETRIUS But, my good lord, I wot not by what power, … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Choler

Sounds just like the part of the shirt that is always messed up in the back: collar. When your collar is wrong, you may get full of choler and soon … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Caveto

Be careful with this word… just ‘cuz. caveto (int.) IPA Pronunciation: beware, take care, careful PISTOL Therefore, Caveto be thy counsellor. – Henry V (II.iii) This word means caution, related … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Doit

No, it’s not an elided part of a Nike commercial. doit (n.) IPA Pronunciation: small sum, worthless amount, trifle TRINCULO Where they will will not give a doit to relieve … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Drab

For your cursing pleasure: a Shakespeare diss. It’s a word often asking about because if its use in one of Shakespeare’s most well known speeches. drab (n.) IPA Pronunciation: /dræb/ … Continue Reading ⇒

WOTD: Enow

It sounds like a website. “Get your FREE somethingsomething NOW! at eNOW.com!” It’s not. Not that I know of at least. enow (adv.) IPA Pronunciation: enough KING HENRY V If … Continue Reading ⇒