Consider The Source Part 2, or I Approve This Message

It’s not just breakfast that people are lying to you about.

We The People Don't Like Looking Things Up
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This isn’t meant to be about any political party in particular (for serious), but rather of our culture and current system of electing officials.

Just as you should be careful of believing messages from someone trying to sell you something, I’d advise you to be wary of what political candidates say. Their goal is to get elected. They say things that will make you want to vote for them. “We need to [fill in the blank]!”

Yes. We do need to [fill in the blank]. How do your policies make that happen. Do your policies make that happen? It’s possible that what you’re suggesting has been done in the past and failed miserably. But I don’t know. I haven’t looked it up.

Do research. Please.

I decided to to a little research a while back about what constitutes false advertising. My first stop was the ever-helpful Wikipedia. I found this nugget:

“All commercial acts may be deceptive, not just advertising, but noncommercial activity such as advertising for political candidates is not subject to prosecution under the FTC Act.”
– (

Politicians can straight up lie in campaign ads and not not face legal consequences. Just thought you should know.

Heard any good lies lately?