noun. A form of government in which the power is vested in the simply numerical majority.

A โ€˜democracyโ€™ of mere numbers is no democracy, but a mere brute โ€˜arithmocracy.โ€™
Alton Locke, Charles Kingsleyย (1850)

I was worried this would mean a government run by math teachers. If I were in such a country I would leave as soon as possible, but not before I was forced at gunpoint to demonstrate my knowledge of the Pythagorean theorum.

If the country was ruled by the math teachers I had in high school, I’d probably be an enemy of the state.

It in fact is a government ruled by the simple majority (over 50 percent). The phrase “majority rules” would surely come into play more often. Though if the country is near evenly-split in ideals, the course of action would change every day based on who showed up each day.

Thank goodness for our checks and balances. And now I’m off to balance my checks…