About Me

I’m an actor & filmmaker.

Geek. Martial Artist. Biohacker. Minimalist. INTP.

From San Diego, in Los Angeles.

Loves: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Kung Fu movies, Shakespeare, visual comedy, storytelling, fitness & health, psychology, technology.

Inspirations: Charlie Chaplin, Jerry Lewis, Jackie Chan.

Name pronunciation guide: [ geh-DOLL-ee GOO-buh-rek ]

CURRENTLY: Here’s what I’m doing now.


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A Bit More

Got a camera at around age 12. Used it to make videos of fighting with lightsabers. Not much has changed. Studied martial arts since age 9. Started doing theatre at 15.

Was Communications Director at Coeurage Theatre Company managing the website, online marketing & sales. Was a web designer & marketing consultant with the moniker, Awesome Web Guy. Currently the marketing and web director at Inside Acting.

Certified life coach. Did work based on how posture & movement affects life. I created the workshop, Beyond Body Language: What You Say About Your Body and What Your Body Says About You.

I know how to juggle. Classically trained singer. I’m great at making and improving systems.


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