Tweetup Awesomeness!

Last night I went to the latest LA Actors Tweetup… and I had a blast! Haven’t been in LA all that long, but this was the coolest industry/networking get-together ever.

If you’re not familar with it, and I wasn’t until a week or two ago, head to and learn about it. Basically it’s a monthly huge gathering of industry folk – but mostly actors – to eat, meet, drink, chat, and have a good time. I saw some people I know, met some that I already followed on twitter but had never seen in person, and some completely new faces.

I spend so much time in front of my computer that anytime I get out of the apartment is great, but being in a huge room with so many like-minded artists is a wonderful thing. I highly recommend hanging out with like-minded people in person more often. I’m gonna do my best to do that.

Oh yeah, and head to one of these events next time it happens. Follow @LAActorsTweetup on twitter to stay updated. See you at the next one!