Today’s Histories

Not long ago in a galaxy not so far away I posted about showing some love to the histories. These days Shakespeare’s Histories seem to be getting a lot of love. The Royal Shakespeare Company is putting up a complete cycle of the Histories.

An article from the UK reminds us that the histories are still relevant today. Perhaps more now than ever. Why?

“…they offer a genuine state-of-the-nation epic, one that examines all aspects of a divided kingdom and shows how dynastic wrangling spreads like a disease.”

Check out the full story here. Also included are short commentaries on each of their histories and their significance today. It’s pretty neat stuff. The Histories really interest me. When first learning about Shakespeare I was under the impression that no one cared about the Histories. They were Shakespeare’s bad and boring plays. Then I saw Richard III. “Oooo… this is cool,” I thought. After that I was hooked. “Wait a minute… these are good!” Oh boy, I was pleasantly surprised.