This just in: The Glossary!

The Bard Blog is a month old today. WOW! So much has been added already and there’s a billion more things to do. I have a long list of items to write about for every category in the sidebar. If you have any suggestions for something you’d like me to discuss I’d be glad to hear about, just let me know!

There are a lot of Shakespeare dictionaries and glossaries online and very few of them are any good. You’re best bet will always be a physical book. A Shakespeare Lexicon of some sorts, or the Oxford English Dictionary.

The new glossary page is by no means a substitute for those wonderful resources, I’m not even going to try. The glossary is a list of all the past Words of the day. In a long while from now it will become a long semi-comprehensive list that might be a good first place to look for some more challenging words, but don’t throw your dictionaries away! And be careful of some of those free online Shakespeare glossary pages. They’re usually not very complete, not always useful, and sometimes don’t have correct definition for the context you’re looking for.

All that aside, check out the page and enjoy!