The Readiness is All

I was a Boy Scout for a while. “Be Prepared” was the motto. I’m learning that this advice is probably the most important thing… ever.

We’re often told to “expect the unexpected,” “be ready for anything,” “plan ahead.” All great pieces of advice but how often are we really that prepared?

In the realms of everything between auditioning and house managing I’ve had some experiences of times I was prepared and others I wasn’t.

When it comes to an audition for Shakespeare, I often feel like I nail it. The ones I did this year I had a monologue that I’ve known for several YEARS and have continued to work on it. Much more preparation than would go into any other audition… well I don’t have any contemporary theatre pieces that I’ve known or worked on nearly that long. So when I prepare for something a week before, it doesn’t feel so good. I second guess myself, the confidence just isn’t there.

As for a house managing example, let’s just say that an unexpected large crowd in a small house can be stressful. The fact is that I should be prepared to handle any size crowd whether it’s happened before or not. So the patrons who reserved tickets and came on time don’t have to wait.

I’ve got a couple auditions coming up, maybe I should stop writing and prepare.

What sort of preparation time and planning do you need for success?