The new year approaches

With 2008 only hours away, a time of reflection seems appropriate. No, I won’t tell you about my year. But I’m definitely thinking about it and I’m sure you’re thinking of yours too. With a new beginning comes new possibilities. Shakespeare wrote about characters who had so much in front of them. The choices they made paved the way to their end. Let us hope that this year will be a comedy! (Not all of them ended in marriage, if you’re not ready for that sort of commitment).

Shakespeare didn’t have anything to say about New Years’ specifically, he wasn’t a holiday-play kind of guy. Oh well. I’ll leave you to think up something clever to say! Let’s try to get some things done that we didn’t make much headway on this year. I’ve got a list of topics I’d like to discuss on this blog. I also have plenty of reviews to write. Happy New Year! Onwards and upwards!

So, on your patience evermore attending,
New joy wait on you! Here our play [or year] has ending.

– Pericles (V.iii)