The Internet Needs a Shakespeare ___ ?

Friends, Readers of this blog, Countrymen, lend me your rears!

I know some of you who read this scour the net for anything Shakespeare. At some point for a variety of reasons everyone needs to find something on Shakespeare online: the texts, summaries, history, scholarship, questions, answers, blogs, whatever.

In the digital age I think it’s important to recognize where we are and what we still need to do. So many old texts are now being digitized and are freely available online. Google Books makes research a breeze! Quarto texts online make editing Shakespearean texts quicker. All the information we want is at our fingertips! Or is it?

Here’s a question for you: what DOESN’T the internet have – Shakespeare related, of course – that you would like to see, or something you’d like to see improved?

Why do I ask? I’m curious.