Quotable Quotes

William Shakespeare is quite possibly the most quoted author on the subjects of love, life, death, words of wisdom, and clever insults. When naming a baby, a new product, a … Continue Reading ⇒

The Story Simple? O Simple!

I’m currently involved in a production of Twelfth Night, not too far into rehearsals. During a recent discussion of the text involving the director the question of “who is protagonist … Continue Reading ⇒

Was It Good For Me?

Not such a long time ago I asked you how your education on Shakespeare was/is. I also posted the results of the online survey I created. There seems to be a split of people who had a good Shakespearience in school, and many who didn’t. The consensus seems to be “it depends on the teacher.”

Now it’s time for my story. I don’t think it’s a horribly fascinating story. I didn’t grow up idolizing Shakespeare, it just kind of happened. Somehow I seem to have a lot to write. So if you have nothing else to do, click to read

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