Summer Shakespeare Schedule

You might not know this about me, but I’m a HUGE Shakespeare geek. I own 13 Shakespeare related T-Shirts. See? Geek.

Anyway, this summer I’ve decided to see as many Shakespeare shows I can fit into my schedule, and I want you to join me! I’ve picked companies and shows all over Southern California (but mostly around LA) that I can fit into my schedule and posted the schedule and info below for your convenience.

I’ll be going to these shows no matter what, and I’d go alone, but why not share the experience with fellow theatre nerds?

I really like the new community building tools that are becoming available to us and I want to take advantage of this momentum to share our passions and some common theatrical experiences. On my my passions happens to be Shakespeare, so here we go.

Click the company name for more info, and click on the address for a link to Google Maps. The small ones have already passed, but check out the company’s website to see if it’s still playing if you can go some other night.

Performances with a * are in a park and we can get there early and picnic before the show!

**The lower price is a student rush ticket price. See here for The Globe and La Jolla Playhouse. This is the only way I can afford these tickets.

There are undoubtedly other productions going on. So far the list is only ones that I am able to attend, but I’d be happy to post others that you will be going to even if I can’t make it — but I’ll do my best to squeeze it in. tweet me and let me know if you’re coming, and introduce yourself if I don’t already know you!

Now mark your calendars and may the Bard be with you.