Standardized Testing Sucks, A High School Story

Photo courtesy of flickr
I’ve been thinking a lot about education lately. Formal education, about how I don’t like it. Informal education is great. If you know me, you know that I love learning. I’m quite the autodidact. But whenever the state has been involved in that process, it rarely went well for me.

I’ll be blogging more thoughts on education soon. But first, a short story.

While I was in 10th grade California had the bright idea to require me to take the high school exit exam. A test which all students must pass before being allowed to graduate.

I answered many questions about math, science, English. One essay prompt asked what the best pet for a child is. I answered (in 500 words or more): a younger sibling. I passed easily. Most of my peers did too.

I passed the High School EXIT exam in 10th grade. The next two years of high school I continually asked, “Why the hell am I still here?

Do you have any silly school stories?