Shakespeare Edumacation. Whoops!

I’ve been scouring the news online for anything with Shakespeare in it, lots of fun things show up. I often see articles about schools or groups that are making an effort to make learning Shakespeare a fun experience for students of all ages. Reading these warms my heart!

One that I found made me chuckle. A 13 year old students talks about the experience of acting in one of Shakespeare’s plays:

It is such an interesting thing to do. You get to portray something that you usually aren’t. Plus Shakespeare is an amazing writer. He’s one of the first people who wrote plays and I think everyone, including kids, should know about him.

In the words of our current president, “Is our children learning?” I hope that the teacher corrected the student after seeing the article… Shakespeare was far from the beginning of play-writing.

As long as the kids get the right answers at some point. The important part is that they’re learning Shakespeare and really enjoying themselves!

The kids are putting on Hamlet. I’m sure it’s a heavily cut down show, but do you think that’s a good show for students to act? At first I was a little surprised. Hamlet? Wow… But then I realized that it’s a required text in most schools and being in a production is one of the best ways to really understand the text and enjoy it.