Shakespeare Blog Carnival #6

It’s that time again! Let’s see what the month brought in. Feel free to explore some blogs you haven’t seen before. Thanks to everyone who submitted and thanks to any and all readers! Remember to keep those submissions coming. I want to see a big carnival next month!

Welcome to the September 1, 2008 edition of the Shakespeare Blog Carnival.

Tom Parnell makes us think by setting Hamlet and Shakespeare against eachother in his post, Shakespeare Hated Hamlet.

Louise Manning gives us some quotes from Shakespeare’s work that she feels speak strongly to a modern audience.

Ashok says, “A close reading of a sonnet can make one look inward, especially if one is thinking oneself comparable (or not) to a summer day.” He dissects Sonnet 18 and adds his thoughts. Check out Some Personal Notes re: Shakespeare, Sonnet 18

David Gross shows us howConscience Makes Cowards of Us All, saying, “A Shakespeare quote makes an interesting and perhaps ironic appearance in a mid-19th century debate over the Pennsylvania state constitution.”

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