Shakespeare Blog Carnival #3

Happy June, everyone! The month of May brought in quite a few interesting posts from around the ShakesBlogosphere. Not many of them were on this blog; a lack of internet prevented me from posting too often (that horribly problem has been corrected, thank goodness). And there are lots of posts elsewhere that were not submitted to me, so feel free to follow links everywhere you find something Shakespeare related. And without further ado about nothing… the blog carnival begins!

In the post, SHAKESPEARE IS IN DA HOUSE! about Martin Baum’s book, To Be or Not to Be, Innit, A Yoof-Speak Guide to Shakespeare, Naomi shares her thoughts about this satirical “translation” of some of Shakespeare’s plays into modern slang.

Craig Bryant shows us that something wicked this way comes in the post By the pricking of my thumbs… His blog is mainly about Thomas Middleton, but Middleton happened to edit Macbeth so, as he said, that makes this post “fair game” for this carnival.

Duane “Shakespeare Geek” Morin presents an interesting bit (and comments) about interpretation of Shakespeare’s text and the different words used in different versions. The post is When I Shall Die? When *I* Shall Die? Duane says, “I liked this post because the conversation made the leap from Shakespeare on film (Luhrman’s Romeo and Juliet) to choices in interpreting the text, and even motivated me to go start doing side by side comparisons of the speech in question, Folio v. Quarto. Always good to learn new things!”

Stephen Evans, uthor of the comic novel The Marriage of True Minds, has a short post on Directing Shakespeare. It’s very brief but still gives some good advice. I might expand upon these ideas sometime soon.

That concludes this edition! Remember to submit your blog article to the next edition of shakespeare blog carnival using our carnival submission form. I’d like to include more posts in the future, but I won’t unless you submit them! Speaking of submissions, I’ll be updating the rules slightly of what I will include. I’m changing the rule from “Shakespeare related” to “about Shakespeare.” I don’t want to link to a post that’s about something of a different genre entirely but happens to include a Shakespearean quote that sort of applies, or just a post of some of Shakespeare’s text without any comments. Past posts and the submission guidelines can be found on the blog carnival page. Submit those posts! Let’s have a big one next month.

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