Shakespeare Blog Carnival #1

Come see the monkeys and clowns, ride the rides, and get some cotton candy. April Fools! It’s actually the Shakespeare Blog Carnival making its debut here! Sorry, there are no rides to go on. Now I didn’t get many submissions, but that’s okay. It’s a new thing. In addition to the couple submissions I received I’m also including a few posts that I came across recently that I feel like sharing. For next time: Bloggers – sumbit some posts you wrote! Readers – submit some posts you read! And without further ado about nothing, some links for your edification.

Naomi Stevens submitted COMIC STRIP SHAKESPEARE posted at Diary From England. Makes you think about countless ways we’re trying to expose younger audiences. How much of it is working, I wonder.

Duane “Shakespeare Geek” Morin contributes Why Is Shakespeare So Hard? posted at his blog Shakespeare Geek. I think it’s a great post, and something you should have everyone you know read. Especially people who don’t like Shakespeare “because it’s hard.”

Scott Malia presents Kinder-Bard-en on’s very own Shakespeare Blog. Some interesting questions are raised in response to a news article about a youth production of a musical Hamlet. With all the talk of Shakespeare in education, we must take time to ponder [in the words of our current president], “Is our children learning?”

Also at the Shakespeare Blog is a post from Jen, a drama teacher who is doing a bang-up job at getting her kids to enjoy Shakespeare and posts her progress on the blog. I’m featuring her post, Staging Shakespeare: Can pre-teens do Shakespeare? Heck yeah! Strongly recommended for teachers.

And the final post for this edition is from Alan Farrar with his post, Hack adaptor? from his blog Shakespeare Experience. I liked this because he brings up the point that Will Shakespeare may have had inspiration for some of his works from previous plays that he act, in fact, ACTED in. He was an actor after all. I think it’s important to keep that in mind!

That’s all folks! I hope to make this a monthly thing (or more often if the amount of submission increase a lot) in order to Share all the great work that bloggers are doing in the world of Shakespeare. I chose not to include one of my own posts. Not sure why… but since you’re here already you can check out the archives. For more info about the carnival, check out the page with info, or just submit a post for next edition!