Shakespeare Ate My Homework!

Shakespeare is not my dog’s name. I don’t even own a dog.

What I mean to say is that I spend a lot of time reading, reading about, memorizing, writing about, speaking, and speaking about Shakespeare instead of doing other things! I like to think of it as a full time hobby, although it is sometimes my work. Unfortunately that hobby seems to be eating up more and more of my time. I’m becoming a Bardaholic! I no longer talk Shakespeare exclusively at parties, mealtime, or among friends. Sometimes I’ll be alone at home and working on some Shakespeare. It’s even getting in the way of my other activities! Help!

It’s not a huge problem actually, I enjoy it. But I would rather read a scholarly journal about Shakespeare than write a scholarly essay on Neoclassic drama for something else. Who wouldn’t? Who else spends too much time with Shakespeare? If you read this blog regularly you’re probably among the ranks of B.A., Bardaholics Anonymous.