noun. Boxing or fighting. (OED says “Pugilistic Performances.” They they go trying to sound all smart-like.)

I soon found my sisters, who were taken into a house during my pugnastics.
His reminiscences, Henry Angelo (1830)

No, it’s not a pug doing gymnastics. As entertaining as that would be (alas, YouTube returned no good results) that’s not what this word is about.

I’ve always been a fan of the word pugnacious, and I enjoy this word by association. Pugnacious people do pugnastics. Just as gymnacious people do gymnastics. You know, gymnacious… flexible. Makes sense, yeah?

Have you noticed that  I like to make up words? And they will all catch on in popular culture some day. And if you say otherwise, I might have to go pugnastic on your ass.