Now showing: “The Bard Files”

Unfortunately it’s not a new Shakespeare based mystery TV show that I’m making – not yet at least. If you’d like to see that, please click the “Donate” button in the sidebar and contribute several thousand dollars.

It was worth a shot, right?

“The Bard Files” is a new section of posts I’m adding to the site. This is the section where the real facts will be posted. The Word of the Day section will slowly grow into a nice Shakespearean glossary; the Bard Files will eventually be a good first stop when doing some research. My goal is to answer common questions about Shakespeare with research, unlike my rants and raves in other posts.

Do you have any questions? Something you’d like to see answered on the site so you don’t have to do your own research? Feel free to ask. For starters I’ll be checking Google’s most common Shakespeare related research searches, and writing my own article on the subject.

The first in the series is How Many Plays Did Shakespeare Write? You can probably guess what the article is about.