Included: Free blog!

After some thinking, tinkering, and thinkering, I’ve added a blog feature to the site. I’ll still be posting words as often as I can (sorry about the lack up updates lately), but I’ll be posting other things here. I’ll use this space to post news about the site; links, books, and things that you should check out; but mostly my thoughts on words and language that don’t fit into a weird-word-post that you find on the main page.

I named the site On Words and Upwards and not AΒ Nonce-Word A Day Keeps the Doctor Away or something similar to allow for the site to cover multiple topics if I felt like it.Β On Words just means I need to talk about language! Look how clever I am.Β The main purpose of the site (wait, I have a purpose in life?) is still to share nonce and obsolete weird words with you; that won’t be changing anytime soon.

And just so there’s something language related in here, I advise you to beware the fysigunkus.