I Feel Good, I Knew That I Would

You know what feels awesome? ACTING. REAL ACTING. It’s something I haven’t done in a while.

I’m in a play now, by the way. Come see it if you live anywhere near it because it’s gonna be awesome.

Let’s back up. When I said real acting I don’t mean that any film or other projects I or other people have done aren’t real acting… because I’ve done some of that. I was also in two plays last fall. But this play, Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol by Tom Mula is the first acting I’ve done in two years that I can really sink my teeth into.

You know… table work, vocal excercises, dialect work, lots pf physicality, and plenty of memorizing to do. This week is the 1st of 4 weeks of rehearsal and I’m already loving it.

I’m wondering how the hell I went so long without it. And yes, I directed some stuff, did some other creative projects here and there, did a hell of a lot of marketing and theatre admin work.

But I’m an ACTOR! I’m a clown. A physical actor. A singer.

I need to be reaching with my body, raising my voice, using my imagination.


You know what I get to do now? Play. I’ll say it again. PLAY. I’m in a play, I get to play. You know what one of my mantras is? PLAY. I need to play or I get depressed. Now I get to play. And for whatever reason it had to happen after I temporarily (more on this another time) had to move back to San Diego.


What is it that you’re not doing right now that you want to? Has this ever happened to you?