I am the Awesome Web Guy

Sort of sounds like a super hero. Hadn’t thought of that before. But that’s not what it is, at least not yet.

It’s my latest business project!

Awesome Web Guy is my new moniker for doing web work. My services have evolved since just doing custom web design. I tend to do more random web help, plus instruction, and website set up. Plus my previous work was either just me as me without a formal business behind it, or behind a boring sounding business…

So I’ve created something that’s a little more me.

The first stage in the launch of this project is a free email newsletter. This will give subscribers weekly tips on web tools to make their lives easier. And it will give me an audience of people who are interested in what I do.

I’m excited for this one! Lots of people ask me for help, now I’ll have a central spot to send people. And if they need a quick bit of info, I can point them to a tutorial I created, and if they need more they’ll be able to hire me for whatever 1-on-1 work they need.

So head on over to AwesomeWebGuy.com and check out what I’ve got… and then sign up for the newsletter.